Class Descriptions

Tiny Tutu—Pre-Ballet- Basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythym, and coordination are taught through creative movement and music.  Perfect for all students ages 2-5.

Tippy Tappers—Pre-Tap These classes focus on rhythym, coordination, basic tap steps all to fun childrens music. Perfect for all students ages 2-5.

Pre Jazz/Hip Hop—Perfect for your little one who loves to jump and bounce with todays hit music all wghile learning beginning jazz moves.

Ballet—By participating in ballet students learn proper dance technique while developing coordination, flexibility, and grace. Older students will progress into a one hour class.  Ballet is recommended for all dancers.

Jazz— Stylized movement put together with pop music equals a fun fast paced class for students of all ages.  Classes will learn jazz technique, flexibility, jumps, and turns.

Lyrical—Is a fusion of ballet and jazz.  Students will be taught with expressive motions that tell a story.  Students will learn technique as well as how to express emotion through music.

Contemporary—This class will blend freedom of expression, interpretation of music, control and balance.  Students will be taught modern technique while being encouraged to develop artistry through movement.

Pointe—Continuing ballet training en pointe.  Teacher approval only.

Hip Hop—This class will work on the newest styles and steps of hip hop.  This fast paced and fun filled class is  a great addition for anyone.

ACRO— Class will progress from somersaults, cartwheels, round offs, to back handsprings, back tucks, aerials (front and side) and many more skills.  Perfect for those that want to progress with their tumbling skills and for the dancers who would like to add tumbling to their dances.